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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Worky work...busy bee!


Got some days off, the weather is good and I'm ready to do some truck stuff! Got up early and delivered the differential to Super Bill in the morning and said he'd get a chance to look at it later. So I headed off to Napa to look for some stuff. I had a Napa part # for the front shocks so I went to my local store here in Centralia. He said they weren't in stock which was not a huge surprise. I was getting ready to ask how long if I ordered them when he said the Chehalis store has them in stock. Nothing cooler than buying parts for a 50 year old truck off the shelf if you ask me. Since I was already there, they have a pretty decent bolt bin and I picked up a few fine thread bolts to finish up the radiator install. By the time I got home Bill had called and said to give him a call. He said the tooth contact wasn't great and the rear might be a little noisy due to the well worn out gear set. I'm ok with that, I didn't want to dump a bunch of money into a non-posi rear end anyway. If it's not satisfactory after I get the truck on the road, I'll build a posi unit with a new ring and pinion set.

Tomorrow's plan is to buy a new air powered grease gun at Sears and lube the entire chassis, then install the front shocks. After that, I'm going to press on new bearings on the axle shafts and reassemble the rear end and hopefully get it installed. I know I have rear wheels and tires that will fit, but I'm going to have to hit the junkyard for fronts to accommodate the new disc brakes.

I only need a couple parts here coming up soon and none of them are too backbreaking. I need a radiator cap, I may have to call the company to see which one is the correct one. I also need a universal joint for the steering to go from the column to my box. I can get it from Speedway motors and it's not a real pressing issue at the moment.

Well, that's it for now. I've got a plan, parts, and time. I promise good times, skinned knuckles and lots of pictures.

Rock on!


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