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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Parts on order

Ordered 2 drag link end rebuild kits and the Pitman arm nut from MidFifty F100. It's a shame that a little tiny order like that is going to cost me ten bucks to have it shipped from Arizona. I wanted to wait and make a big order, but I want to get some stuff accomplished on some upcoming days off. Sold my extra Pitman arm seals on the Ford Truck website, and a local fellow F-100 builder is buying my complete reseal kit this weekend. Parts=progress at this point. I finally got around to putting the HEPA filter in my shop vac the other day. Made a big difference in the sandblast cabinet. I can actually see what I'm doing, and as long as I wear earplugs the noise isn't too bad. Among other shop maintenance type items I need to do is an oil change in the compressor. It's been a while since I've changed it, and it's about time. I also need to cut the old wood stove out of the shop and patch the hole in the roof. I'll need a helper or 2 for this project, the stove pipe is actually made from old well casing and it's thick and heavy! I think the new plasma cutter is going to get a workout.

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