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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Got stuff done today!

So Friday my parts from Mid Fifty arrived. 2 draglink rebuild kits and the Toyota Pitman arm nut. Saturday we hit the swap meet, didn't buy a whole lot, but the weather was good. Talked to a guy about maybe doing an electric cooling fan, but I think we will have plenty of room to keep the regular metal fan in place. When I moved the radiator from where it had been sitting for a few months and lo and behold my long lost Pitman arm nut and washer were hidden underneath it. Oh well, you can never have too many spare parts right?

I was visited today by Jeff who lives up in Olympia and is working on a 56 with a 406 in it. Always nice to talk to a fellow old car fan, and since our trucks are nearly identical drivetrain wise, it's always good to share information. I'm going to head up north and see what he's been up to real soon.

Anyways, I got a few things knocked out today, so let's get some pictures going!

So here's a pic of the Toyota box mounted to the frame


A pic of the Pitman arm nut and washer torqued on


Drag link with new guts and dust seals, I also got the tie rod reinstalled and made a crude alignment adjustment.


I also got the radiator saddle and my radiator installed today as well.


You can also see the engine crossmember sitting on the frame, It's almost time to set the engine in place!

I looked at the engine today for the 1st time in probably 2 years today. It seems to be in good shape with no noticeable rust issues.

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