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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hmmm...sure are a lot of pieces here.

Not really! So I completely disassembled the center section of my 9" rear the other day. I had to go back and watch a few key points on the DVD, but that's why I bought it right? At first glance all components appear to be in good condition, but the gear "oil" was very sludgy and nasty. The parts are sitting in my parts washer and I'll get a better look at everything when it's all cleaned up. I picked up a few tools to help get things done. 12 ton shop press and a bearing separator at Harbor Freight, and I had to mail order a bearing driver set which might get here today. I don't have any pictures to share right now, but I'll throw some on here when all the parts are clean. Still need to order my overhaul kit, but I have to wait until I get the carrier bearings off to see which ones I need. Ford used 2 different diameter bearings and the casting # on the center section leads me to believe that I need the bigger bearings, but I want to verify the dimensions before I order parts. Other than that I'm debating which rear end gear ratio to go with. It's currently a 3.00:1 but I'm considering a change to 3.50:1. While I've got it apart is the best time to do it. A gear swap is much easier on the workbench than under the truck. I should have it figured out shortly. That's about it for now, hoping to get back out the garage next weekend if all goes well.


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