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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Wow, let me say that Ken Collins makes one hell of a how-to DVD! I watched the entire thing and it was a 1st class production all the way. I'm actually looking forward to tearing into this thing now instead of being afraid of it. And once again I'll save a couple hundred in the process. I'm at a point now after being gouged on iffy labor and having to deal with flaky contractors that I'd rather just do it myself. Looks like I'll have to add a couple more items to my Harbor Freight shopping list, but nothing too major. A bearing seperator (clamshell) and a bearing/seal driver kit. There are a couple of setup points after reassembly that could be a little difficult but I'll watch the video a couple of times when I get there. I also know a couple people locally that I can ask for assistance when I get to setting pinion depth, case spread and backlash. A quick check of Ebay shows that the rebuild kits are running about $75-80 including shipping. Not too bad really. Once I get the rearend done, I can put some crappy wheels & tires back on it and have a rolling frame.

The last week has been amazing! I don't know if it was the rain taking a break, getting my heater project finished or what, but I'm fired up right now. Maybe I've got a little spring fever but I'm dying to get out in the shop and work on something. Granted there's no shortage of projects but at least it keeps me from getting bored. I think I'll put the new lights in the shop around Mid-March.


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