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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Did I say 360?

Because I obviously meant 401. I got an AMC 401 today at the 4x4 Swap Meet. Standard bore and cheap, cheap! Should make one sweet Javelin engine.

On the Ford front, I got the 2 carrier bearings pulled off and they are the big (3.062" O.D.) bearings. I ordered a rebuild kit on Ebay hopefully it will be here soon. Of course at the swap meet they were available at exactly the same price. Oh well, as long as it gets here soon since I've got a few days off coming up. As soon as the kit gets here it's reassembly city. I'm also going to paint the differential and the yoke while I've got it all apart. Should be getting back to some shop time on Friday, stay tuned to see if I get anything done.

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