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Monday, March 20, 2006

Stuff going on

So I've got a few days off and I'm getting a few things accomplished. My rear end rebuild kit should be here tomorrow so I'll be keeping an eye out for the big brown truck and start reassembly. So I had a dilemma: On each end of the carrier there is a retaining ring that needs to be tightened:

Now I could buy the right sized spanner wrench, but it's semi-spendy and it's just too easy. So I took a page out of the Ken Collins playbook and made my own adjusting tool.

Take a piece of 1" wide 1/8" barstock and cut a piece off:

Carefully measure and drill 2 5/16" holes in it:

Use a 5/16" bolt and nut to make the spanner pins:

Now give it a shot and hope it fits (It Does!!!)

So it was a success and kind of fun. We went to the almost spring Swap Meet in Puyallup this weekend. It wasn't the biggest one, but the weather was good and there were a few things I needed to pick up. I got a back window for the 55 for ten bucks from a vendor that deals exclusively in 53-56 Ford pickup parts. I think him and I will be on a first name basis before too long.

I also bought a few tools while I was there I needed a hub puller to do the rear brakes on Green Scout so I got one of those for $45 and a seal puller for $8. I was concerned I might have to mail order the hub puller but I got this guys last one and it worked like a charm. Once I got the hub/drum assembly off I realized that we were in bad shape back there. Looks like new everything back there: Wheel Cylinders, brake shoes, wheel bearings and inner & outer oil seals. But the good news is the wheel bearings are original IHC parts, so I guess 38 years isn't too bad.

So the plan is to have the 55's 3rd member ready for a tooth contact check, and get the Scout rear end reassembled as well. Won't have parts until tomorrow at the earliest for either project so tomorrow might be a little cleanup, guess we'll see.

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