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Sunday, October 09, 2005

A little movement

So on Monday, a few of the parts I had sandblasted will be ready for pickup. A couple of coats of Zero Rust and away we go. Going to take one of my gas tanks to my radiator guy to get cleaned out, then I'll seal the inside and that will be one more piece ready to go back on. Still need to order a few of the high $$ parts, but I think that will be happening sooner than later. Been very busy lately and not staying as focused as I need to be on this project. "New Scout" hogged up what little free time I had this week. I found a place down in Portland that does acid dipping of car bodies & sheetmetal. I'm going to give them a call this week about possibly doing my cab. If the price is right I may just go ahead and get it done. I'll get some pictures up on Tuesday hopefully of some of my "awesome" paint work. At least the pieces will be clean and protected even if they are not show quality. Also need new Aluminum Oxide for the big sandblast cabinet. The current stuff is about worn out and very dusty. Maybe a Harbor Freight trip in the near future. Wish me luck!


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