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Monday, September 05, 2005

One step forward...

2 steps back! Sometimes my own stupidity amazes me. Yesterday's project was getting the front axle mounted back up to the frame. Got everything all setup and made sure I got my new caster correction shims properly installed. Got the locating pins perfectly lined up with the axle holes and cinched it up. So I got moving on to my next project, getting the rear springs ready to mount. Took a look in my parts box and saw the front spring saddles sitting in there. POOP!!! Well, on Tuesday I guess I'll be pulling it back off and putting the saddles on. I'm just glad I figured it out before I got the truck fully assembled. It should go pretty quickly at least. After that I will be cutting off the old rear spring clamps and installing new ones. As soon as my replacement rear spring Y hangers arrive, the rears will be on and looking good. So I've got a few truck projects to keep me busy as always, not to mention the rest of the fleet

Speaking of the fleet: In my never ending quest to own every vehicle ever made I picked up another one over the weekend. It's a 1968 International Scout 800, 196 Cu In 4 cylinder, 2 wheel drive, halfcab. It's cool and it's a pretty rare find. Here's a couple pics, the former owner is going to drop it off this week.

You're probably asking "Why?" and the best answer I can give is Why not? It's cool and it came cheap. Needs a carb rebuild & a little brake love and it should be good to go.

Hope everyone has a good week, maybe another update Wed or Thursday.


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Unknown said...

Do you still have this Scout? I think the half-cab plus the black look awesome!