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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Finally getting moving again....

Sorry for yet another delay on the updates. I haven't done a whole lot to the truck, but it doesn't mean I haven't been busy. First the truck update:

I got an adjustable reamer and reamed out the spring pin bushings to fit the pins. Pretty easy to do when you've got the right tools. I did find yet another problem though (as usual). The rear brackets for my front springs have the holes worn out and oversize. The good news is I have a better looking pair of brackets on my spare frame. The bad news is that's about 16 more factory rivets to have to grind the heads off and drive the rivets out of the frame. If you haven't played around with 50 year old factory rivets, you're really missing out. Oh well, we'll get through it like always.

I did talk myself out of buying a '67 Econoline Pickup this week. It was a beauty but went a little higher than I wanted to go. Looking back on it, it was the right call. Now I have more money to get the '55 looking like a truck.

The Scout is out at Lewis County Fleet Service getting a full tuneup after its engine swap. I do the "heavy lifting" and Bill and his crew do all my fine tuning. Bill is about the biggest gearhead I've ever met. I'll have to snap a few pics next time at his place, he's got some cool stuff, yes even cooler than mine! Special thanks to Lee for picking up and dropping the Scout off on his trailer. Where can you get service like that anymore?

So I've started yet another project, and it's mostly car related (go figure!). I'm clearing out the area between the shop and our street, and then building a 3 car carport there. Charlene can park her car about 10 feet from the front door which she likes, and I can park the truck and whatever I'm driving to and from work. Moving "the drivers" up front gives me more room in the back for the project work. Everybody wins!

Here's some pics from the fun today:

Thanks to Dave Nugent and his super Husky chainsaw

Most of the damage is done

Now let's get those stumps out:

So Ron did you have a good day today?

Now to get someone to haul this crap out of here. Maybe get this thing built by the end of summer. Stay tuned. Thanks for your patience during my recent downtime on the old '55. I assure you now we are back and motivated to get going on it. I want to get a rolling chassis together in the next few weeks. Not impossible, but will require a little dedication to task to get it done. Can I do it? Guess we'll all find out soon enough....


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