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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Temporary timeout...

So I tweaked out my knee last week so I haven't been getting a whole lot done on the truck. It really sucks because the weather has been great and I'm dying to get out there. Hopefully it will get better soon and I can get to work. I have some parts on order so I have work to accomplish when I can. The sooner I can get this thing looking like a truck the happier I'll be. I'll get the front axle and leaf springs mounted and then we can move on. I'm still on the fence about sandblasting at home or contract it out. Writing a check is much easier and cleaner, but like I always say no one cares more about your stuff than you do. I guess we'll see, the weather will be good enough for outdoor blasting shortly. The Monroe swap meet is coming up next month we'll hopefully be hitting that and finding some treasures.

I also have a little side project that I'm hoping to get hot on. I have plans to build an engine test stand. The advantage is that you can run engines out of the vehicle. This helps with cam break in and checking for leaks BEFORE the engine goes in. It could be quite a time saver. I'll try to take lots of pictures if I actually get around to it.

Well, enough sniveling for today. Hopefully, I'll be up and around and kicking vehicular ass in no time. Stay tuned...


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