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Monday, February 21, 2005

Some progress to report...


I have been at work out in the shop doing more sandblasting and painting of small parts. I've also taken apart one of my rear leaf springs to recondition it. I'll be pulling a few of the leafs out anyway for a smoother ride. I've also ordered a teflon liner kit that goes in between the leafs to make the springs ride quieter and smoother. Won't drive quite as much as like a 50 year old truck when it goes back together. Maybe I'll toss up a few pics in the next couple of days.

I'll talk a little bit about shop safety here. I finally got around to buying a small fire extinguisher for the shop. It was only 13 bucks and I should have gotten one a LONG time ago. With welding, cutting etc. going on the potential for a fire is always there. I have a first aid kit, and my next safety related purchase will be an eye wash bottle. Again less than $15 but totally worth it. You only get one set of eyes so take care of 'em!

Went to the Early Bird swap meet last weekend and not much there to be had. Saw a few F-100 parts, but nothing I really needed. So I bought a $6 bag of rags and some bulbs for my shop light.

I did touch base with another sandblaster last week as well. I think I'm going to give them a shot with some of my sheetmetal. I'm going to take my cab to them and get it blasted and epoxy primered. I spent half a day removing 50 year old undercoating. What a mess! Now that that's done it shouldn't take them long at all to blast it clean. This outfit's primary business is sandblasting and powdercoating and seem genuinely concerned about customer satisfaction. In light of my past experiences with getting my frame done, that's very important to me.

That's about it for now. I've got 3 more full days off this week so I should be able to keep the momentum going. Until next time...


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