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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Frame weld repair

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog. If you remember before I had a crack on my passenger side frame rail that looked like this:

Since this was a structural repair, I didn't feel my welding was up to standards yet. So I called in the big guns. A quick call to Dusty Guenther to find out if her husband Jim could come out and play. So Jim came over and ground out the crack and got it all welded up. Here's an "after" shot:

Nice job Jim and a big thanks to you and the little woman!

So another one of my "big" obstacles to start some reassembly have been overcome. I've been busy sandblasting and painting parts for some reassembly. Got a week off coming up starting Thursday so I should get some good progress in. I'm hoping to get a piece of 1/4" steel this week (24"x60") to turn one of my workbenches into a welding table so I can get some welding practice in this week. Probably another small order to Mid-Fifty F100 this week also.

I went to the Corvette & High Performance swap meet yesterday on Puyallup. No big purchases but I did get a new stubby ratchet ($5) and a Roloc mandrel and some assorted surface prep pads ($11). Next week is the Early Bird swap meet also at Puyallup, who knows what treasures we'll find.

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