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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Moving Day!

No I'm not moving, just moving some parts around to make it easier to get some work done. With the help of the fellas once again (Chris and Matt "Fonzie" Dupont, Frank Grotkopf, Paul Hoebing, Joe Lackey, and Dave Nugent) they came over and we moved the cab out under my carport and brought the frame into the shop. I also put my bed and my front clip in covered storage outside for now.

I was also able to get rid of some more extra parts this week. 6 stock wheels and tires and a set of front brake drums now have new homes. My driveway is looking less like a junkyard every day.

I also got the opportunity to try out some of the Zero Rust paint. I sandblasted the draglink for my front end, then shot it with 2 coats of black Zero Rust. It looks pretty good overall. I think this is going to be good stuff.

A friend at work is giving me the number of a local guy that has rebuilt 9" rears for him in the past. Says he's good and cheap, two qualities I look for when getting outside work done.

Also got the number of a local guy that does soda blasting, I may check him out in the next couple weeks. After my experience with the frame job, I will be asking for and checking references on any work I farm out.

Checked with the machine shop in town. To replace the kingpin bushings and ream them in is only $45, so I'll be getting that in the shop shortly. I'm going to get the old pins out myself, since Barry wanted $30 to press out and another $30 to press in. I can get a 12 ton press at Harbor Freight for $99, so guess what Santa's getting me?

Probably not a ton of action on the truck between now and the end of the year, heading out of town for the holidays, but I may sneak in a little truck action when I get back. If I don't post before then, happy holidays everyone!


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