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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Did you ever get socks for Christmas?

Because that's how I feel today. I went to pick up my frame and to say the least I'm far from impressed. Here's a "20 footer" to get you all as excited as I got:

However, upon closer inspection there were multiple areas I'm not happy with. This thing was supposed to be pressure washed before blasting, but there are multiple places where they didn't clean the grease off and painted over it. Here's a pic of the area around the old engine mount:

I dug some of the grease out with my fingernail, it's not like it was really stuck on, it's just a half-assed job. Here's some more:

Note the crud painted over on the frame rails. And yet another pic of a sub-standard job:

And here's one of rust starting to peek out from under an area where they didn't get enough primer/paint on the frame:

Needless to say I won't be using them again. Bottom line, these guys got behind at their shop so they turned out a crappy job to get me off their backs. I guess I'll fix this mess myself. I'll clean the frame where it needs cleaned, get a $20 spot blaster from Harbor Freight to clean to bare metal, spot prime it and paint it. It pisses me off in this day & age you pay for a job to be done and this is was you get for $223. I haven't really inspected the front axle yet since I was so annoyed at the quality of the frame job. I'll check it out later and send it to the machine shop for the kingpin install. Now to find a new place that can do a competent job of sand/media blasting. This truly sucks, but not the end of the world.


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