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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Change in plans

Well, I fought with those rear springs for a couple hours today and got absolutely nowhere. I now realize I need to bring in the big guns. I'll be borrowing a serious hammer and 3/8" drift punch when I get back to work. Hopefully the increased firepower will help me get these springs off. Here's the pictures I've been promising of my current progress:

Pic of where the crossmember used to be, still needs dressed up

Side view of what's left

Front engine mount which I need to finish removing:

After a short but effective moping session over the spring failures I figured I'd tear down the front axle. Since I'm going to a disc brake changeout, most of the stuff getting removed will be given away or scrapped. The old drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, etc. will all be replaced with new components. All that I have to do is get it down to the spindles and rebuild from there out with all new stuff. Here's a pic of the front end disassembled:

Here's a closeup of one of the spindles. Now I need to get the axle sent to the machine shop to get the kingpins replaced and the bushings line-reamed to the pins.

This is a very crucial step in straight axle rebuilding, so it's best to leave it to the pros.

The shop is an absolute disaster right now, I've got tools and piecesparts everywhere. Tomorrow I'll get a little cleanup in there. I've also got to make a list of the parts I need to order from Mid-Fifty. My 1st major parts order, how exciting!

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