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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Some progress today

No pics because I forgot how early it gets dark here after Daylight Savings ends. Picked up a new weapon for the arsenal yesterday, a Dewalt 4 1/2" angle grinder. Did a pretty good job of grinding the old factory rivets down flush with the frame. After that I'd drill the rivet most of the way out, then knock it out with a punch. Worked pretty well. Using the grinder, my cutoff wheel and Mr. Sawzall I was able to get the factory crossmember out. Still need to dress up the "stubs" a bit but it should look pretty smooth when I'm finished. So all that's left now is the leaf spring removal. Hopefully I'll get that done tomorrow, but I'm really living on borrowed time as far as the weather goes. I bought an appliance dolly yesterday, I figured I can set the big pallet and the cab on top of that giving me a little cab mobility. That way I can get the frame back inside the shop when it comes back from the sandblasters.

The "new" truck search took me to Elma yesterday, where I looked at a pretty decent '61 Ford Stepside. 300 CU Inch 6 Cylinder w/a 4 speed. Would have needed to be regeared to make a little more highway friendly but all in all pretty decent. Could have had it for $1350 cash, but I passed so the search continues.

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