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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Goodbye old Friend

Well, with the new parts truck on the way I needed to clear some space and "thin the herd" a little. My beloved Truckasaurus is moving on to greener pastures. He gets to live out his days on a farm, which I think is best. Let's all take a moment to wish him well.

You will be missed dear friend. Fear not this will not be the last truck I ever own. The next one will be a little better on gas and a little more comfy for those Portland Swap Meet trips. The candidate search will commence immediately, let's hope we can find something worthy.

As far as the '55 goes: Not a whole lot going on right now, hoping to set up a time for the parts truck pickup and delivery on Saturday. Friday will also put me back to work on the front suspension getting it stripped down. Sunday morning should involve me pulling the bed off the new frame and finding a dry place to store it. The goal is to get the new frame in the shop sometime next week. I still need to call and get some estimates on blasting it to bare metal so I can get a really nice coat of Zero Rust on it. I have also considered having the frame powder coated, but cost might be an issue there.

The odd thing as far as this truck goes is on the 10 years I've owned it, I've never really imagined what it would look like all put together. Now that I'm getting after it, I need to have a clear vision of where we are headed. This includes figuring out a paint color. I'm open for suggestions, leave me a comment here or drop me an e-mail. There's a really neat Coral Sand color that Charlene & I have really liked at car shows. It was a factory color for '57 and is very unique. The good news is that I have lots of paint chip books to look over and I don't have to decide today.

In the very near future I'll be starting to order parts. One of the 1st things I'll be getting is a front suspension rebuild kit. Some people may scoff at building a truck without a more modern subframe, but the straight axle is a good enough for me. It wouldn't be an old truck if it didn't ride like an old truck (IMO). I'll be taking the axle to the machine shop to get the kingpins installed and reamed in. I hope there are some "old school" guys still around that know how to do this.

That's about it for now, blast thru these last couple night shifts and hopefully I'll have some photo worthy progress this weekend.

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