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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Attack of the Spiders!

Well, we actually got a little sun mixed in with our rain today, so I figured I'd take advantage. Got out and got the bed off the frame and got a little cleanup accomplished. This thing had SO many spiders on it, it was pretty gross! But I survived and lived to tell the tale. All the bed wood was pretty rotted so a couple good mallet shots broke it up pretty easy. Here's a pic of your hero surveying the carnage:

I had planned on just continuing on from here, but the skies opened up and killed that idea for now. Friday when I get back to it after 4 fun days of work, We'll get back to more frame stripping and get it ready for blasting. Need a Harbor Freight run sometime soon also, my cutoff wheel supply is dwindling rapidly. Still need to buy a Pitman arm puller as well, and my can of PB Blaster is empty. There is a swap meet in Vancouver, WA coming up next weekend, still unsure if I'm going or not. Might go to see if I can pick up some goodies, or spend the day on my truck. I'll also be adding some more pics after my stupid digital camera batteries recharge.

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seaster said...

Hey, your site is pretty cool. You look like the real deal with your overalls!