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Monday, February 25, 2008

My left or your left?

Wait, now I'm confused. So I was looking at the rear shock mounts and I realized that I had the shock mounts facing the wrong direction. So out comes Thundergun and I swapped them around. So Keith comes over today and says hang on these lower shock mounts should be inboard of the leaf springs. You know what, he's right! Everyone's smart and I am dumb...AGAIN! When I flipped those mounts around, I should have swapped them side to side. So for the 3rd time I put those shock mounts on but at least they're right now. So now we're ready to put the rear shocks on, let's see if NAPA has these suckers!

I got a tip from Jeff up in Olympia with the '56 about a good sandblasting guy up north. I think I'm going to check out his operation tomorrow. If it looks good and the prices are decent, I'm going to load him up with all my body parts.

So one of the next projects I'm looking at is starting to plumb the brake lines. We'll need flex hoses with banjo fittings on one end for the Camaro calipers up front. The Camaro hoses are 15.25" long which should be long enough, if not I found some stainless lines that are 16" for about 2 bucks more each. After that it will be a matter of routing and plumbing steel brake line. I'll be using 3/16" steel line and I need to buy a tubing bender at the next swap meet.

So I think I have an issue with the C-6 Auto I have for this project. I got this tranny from a late 60's truck with a 360. This tranny doesn't have a slip yoke on the back of it, only a 4 bolt flange. Apparently this was the way the 66-72 trucks were set up, they had a 2 piece drive shaft with a carrier bearing in the middle. All the car C-6's used a slip yoke. So now when I go to have a driveshaft made, I'm going to have to find the right ends to give the driveline shop. Hopefully find another old truck being parted out that has the right flange and get the 2 piece drive shaft or switch out to a car c-6. We'll see what happens.

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