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Friday, March 23, 2007

Small steps....

Got a few small things done on the truck recently. The front disc brakes are now 100% done. I bought a cotter pin assortment and a zerk fitting assortment at the last swap meet and everything is together. I greased all the zerks on the frame and it's good to go. I cut the old axle shaft bearings off with my cutoff wheels and blasted and painted the bearing retainers. Then I had to get some replacement parts: 2 bearings, 2 bearing seals and 2 axle flange gaskets. I had to make the 20 mile trek to Auto Zone as usual since they are the only ones who carry Timken. The store manager said he had one bearing, and that's all they stock and that all AutoZones only carry one in stock. Who the hell only rebuilds half an axle?!?! I sent AutoZone corporate an email asking them to explain this to me. We'll see if they respond. Well after going to 3 AutoZones, I finally got 2 Timken bearings. The seals were another story. Auto Zone doesn't stock the seals, Napa has them for $10 each and Shucks is $13 each. The axle flange gaskets are stocked by no one locally. Enter the good folks at Rock Auto. The seals were only $6.11 each and the gaskets were 74 cents apiece. Shipping was reasonable at 6 bucks for the whole order. The best part is that there warehouse is in Auburn, WA so I had the parts on my doorstep in less than 24 hours! So now I have everything I need to reinstall the axle shafts. Still need to get the Toyota steering parts ordered and get them put on, but we are getting stuff accomplished. Nothing huge, but progress is progress.

I lent my portable sandblaster to my buddy Fooch to blast the frame on his Bronco. Once he's done with that, I'll probably start blasting my cab. We found that the local cement place has perfect sand for blasting with and it's cheap at $6 for a 100 lb bag. Only 3 weeks to the Portland Swap Meet can't wait to see the treasures there!

Until next time....

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