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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's Portland week!

T-57 hours til the wife and I pass thru the turnstiles at the Portland Swap Meet. As I've written before it's the Disneyland of cars and parts. Should come home with some treasures, no doubt. On the shopping list are:

Decent used running boards
Front disc brake kit
New gas tank float and sender
3.50:1 ring & pinion set
Tubing bender
Flaring tool

And who knows what else. That's kind of the fun of it all. Hopefully the weather won't be too crappy but we're bringing the rain gear just to be safe. The wife is a real trooper and actually looks forward to it these days. Either that or she doesn't trust me to go down there alone, who knows what I'd drag home if I was unsupervised?

I got a few things accomplished last week, I took the gas tank to the radiator guy to get it cleaned out. I also started bolting the running board and fuel tank support brackets on to the frame. Of course I got the 1st one bolted on when work called so that's how it's sat for the last several days. I'll get back to it shortly, I should have some days off coming up. One of the brackets appears to be bent so I'll try to straighten it out or just use one of my spares. Of course I'll have to blast and paint one of the spares. I had to go to 2 different hardware stores to get the proper fine thread bolts for the brackets, this country is going to pieces. Also broke out my welder for the 1st time in well over a year to tack some pieces together. So stay tuned for pictures from the annual treasure hunt!

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