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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Some assembly required!

So the big brown truck delivered my rebuild kit the other day and I started reassembling the rearend for the 55. Got the new carrier bearings pressed on and the carrier reassembled. New pinion seal installed and the new races pressed in. That press has been one of the best tools I've bought in a long, long time. I also used it to press bearings on and off of my Scout axles. So I'm at the point in reassembly where I need to put the ring and pinion back in. I really think I'm going with a different r&p set, so I'm kind of on hold until I get one. So I'm looking for a 3.50:1 set and I shouldn't have a problem finding one at the Portland Swap Meet which is less than 3 weeks away. Get the new gears and finish assembly, easy enough. I also cleaned up and painted the housing, pinion seal cover and the yoke so it should look sharp even though no one will see it under the truck.

I spent a lot of time on my days off working on the green Scout. Did the rear brakes, and replaced inner and outer axle shaft seals and bearings. Super Bill is turning the drums for me and they'll be ready in the morning. I also replaced the valve cover gasket, since I had a new gasket I had to pretty up the valve cover, right? Pulled it off and wire wheeled it down to bare metal. Sprayed it with a base coat of Zero Rust then I top coated it with Krylon farm implement and machinery paint, IH red of course. I should have it ready to roll out of the shop before my nap tomorrow. The only question will be if I get a chance to get the brakes bled or not.

Plan of action for the '55 is still in place. Hoping to get my front disc brake kit at Portland, then I'll have my rolling chassis in place shortly thereafter. Yeah, I'm behind but I'm really having a good time. This was the best week off I've had in years. Need to get a tubing bender and flaring tool also to do fuel and brake lines.

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