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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Summer turns to fall

Looks like one of the hottest summers in Colorado history is finally giving way to a very pleasant fall here.  Went to the swap meet a few weeks ago but there were no purchases for the 55.  The shop is qute clean and ready for action.  The FedEx truck stopped by a few minutes ago and dropped off this gem:

125K BTU Forced Air heater to keep things warm enough when winter really settles in.

$99 at Amazon with free shipping see it Here.  Net cost to me was ZERO dollars since I had money on my gift card from work for safety incentives earned.  I love freebies!  Now I'll cough up for a 40# propane tank (come on Craigslist!) and be ready for winter to do it's worst.  Now that the truck is back I've taken a little time to get organized, finding stuff that was put away almost 2 1/2 years ago can be a bit of a challenge.  All the big stuff has been located so at least we're good there.  The main workbench is now visible after collecting a lot of junk lately.

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