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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Looks kinda like a truck

Well, after too long of a break we got the cab back on the frame again. This is a necessary step so I can get the engine properly positioned and get the engine mount bolted into place.

Thanks to John Larson and his brother for coming over to provide the necessary muscle.



So my plan for now is to remove the radiator and saddle, bring the engine in from the front and set it in place. That engine hasn't been off the stand in 13 years, it should be a good time to see it move. Once I get eveything in place, mark the mounts, drill the holes and hopefully get the cab sent out for blasting.

It's always nice to make progress, this has been a terrible year for getting stuff done on the truck. If I can just get the cab blasted & primed by the end of summer I will consider it a HUGE win. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever make it.

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