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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Portland has come and gone again

And at least I bought something 55 Ford related. I got a deal on a set (well actually 5) very clean Cragar SS wheels with decent tires. They are in great shape and I got a great deal. I could have sold them out in the parking lot for a profit, but I really want them. I had a set on my Barracuda when I was a kid, they are just classic musclecar wheels and should look great on the truck. I'll post up some pictures of them shortly.

I also got a set of valve covers for the 390 as well. They're in very good shape but only a little ugly. It's OK since the plan is to sandblast them and then powder coat them Ford Blue. Should look pretty nice when they're done, stay tuned for pictures. Hopefully we can organize the troops this week to get the cab put on the truck. I'm falling behind on the truck and want to get a few things accomplished.

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