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Monday, September 24, 2007

It's official: I'm an idiot!

So I took a day off to go to the Harvest Swap Meet and watch some football with the wife. I figured that going on the 2nd day of the swap meet there wouldn't be that much good stuff so I wouldn't be tempted too bad. Great plan until I came around the corner and saw a '61 Econoline 5 window pickup. I've always been a fan of these even though many folks think they're ugly. No engine or transmission, but an outstanding body with only surface rust and no real cancer. The guy at the swap meet was selling it for a friend. I looked it over and talked to Charlene and decided to offer $1000. I was talking to the seller and he said his friend has $1700 invested but would take $900 since he wanted it gone. SCORE!! Done deal at $900. It was already on the trailer so I asked if he would deliver it to the house, since I only live a couple miles from the fairgrounds. He said "I'll get my truck" and the rest is history. Here's a pic of the new arrival:

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I've got a friend that has a line on 2 Econo vans, 1 of which should provide me a drivetrain. I think I have enough hot rods for now, so I'm just going to put a 6 in it and enjoy driving it. The big push is going to be getting the surface rust sanded and getting it in primer before the crap weather gets here.

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