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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Always follow directions....

Because if you don't and things go wrong, you have no one to blame but yourself. I was finally going to put that rear end together and move on with my life. My inch-lbs torque wrench finally arrived so I was good to go. Had to remount my vise to the other work bench since it takes an assload of torque to crush that collar. Basic procedure is to start tightening up on the pinion nut to crush the sleeve and preload the bearings to about 16-29 in-lbs. Well I overshot the torque, so the sleeve is junk and I've got to start over. No problem right? Run down to the old parts store and get another one and get moving....Yeeeeeeah no deal. The resident parts chimps couldn't figure out how to find what I need, don't any of these people even work on cars anymore?

The good news though is I ordered one on Ebay (actually 2 in case I screw up again) and it should get shipped out tomorrow and we'll try again in a couple days. No harm done and the sleeves are only $3.50. So on a screw up scale from 1-10 this is only a 2. I also finally ordered a disc brake kit for my front end. Got it at Speedway Motors for pretty cheap. Hopefully it isn't being sent by Pony express and I'll have it in time for my week off. This is just the basic kit, the spindle adapters and the caliper brackets. I'll pick up the rotors and calipers locally to save on shipping.

Went to the early bird swap meet yesterday, not too much going on there. Bought a $12 breaker bar and that was about it. Quality cars and even decent used parts are really starting to dry up around here. Thinking about possibly attending the Pomona Swap Meet in April. Supposed to be a big one, I'd like to check it out. Got a few projects to keep me busy on days off as usual. Hopefully I'll get it right this time.

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