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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wow, that was a fast year!

Well, a fast 9 months anyway. Progress kind of ground to a halt in 2006, there was a lot going on in this past year. Unfortunately, none of it was truck related. The good news? Things are looking up in '07, so expect some progress and pictures as well. I have decided to thin the herd a little bit in '07, I'm going to get rid of 2 vehicles to ease the strain on storage and my free time. I expect the following rides to survive the cutdown list:

1. My new Ranger
2. The wife's ZX2
3. The AMX
4. The Javelin
5. Green Scout
6. White Scout
7. The '55 Ford

So if you need a real nice 77 GMC Stepside with a 396 or a one owner 91 Mustang GT convertible, drop me an email and let's talk. Swap meet season is only 3 weeks away which is hard to believe. Already got vacation for the Portland Swap Meet in April as well.

I still haven't got my carport constructed but it's very high on the list for capital projects in 2007. Looking forward to getting it done.

I left the 9" rear disassembled last year as well. I may have to go back and watch the video again to figure out where the heck I was at on it. I bought a new dial indicator and mag base with a gift card I got for Christmas.

Sorry that I've let "all" the readers of my blog down with my lack of progress. No one is more disappointed than I am. There's so much I want to get done, I just need to calm down, come up with a plan and get to work. I'll get some pictures up shortly, hang in there....


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