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Monday, November 15, 2004

Going, Going...


Got the frame to the sandblaster today. Said probably about a week, works for me! He's going to paint the frame and axle black for me too. Masked off the spindles with aluminum tape to protect them from any stray sand. Also got the front axle pulled out from under my spare frame. So all in all a pretty successful day! The only thing left to do on the spare frame is to finish removing the front leaf springs. So now I'll have 2 sets of front and rear springs to pick the best ones from. One set of the rears has had a few leafs removed which should lower the stance and provide a smoother ride than the stockers. Back in the day, people actually used trucks to haul stuff. This truck's grunt work days are pretty much over, so it shouldn't kill it to soften up the ride a little. Going back to work for 3 nights, so the earliest I will get back to the truck will be Friday afternoon. The plan is to disassemble the rear end for inspection. Hopefully everything looks good, guess we'll see.

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